Clean Water Project

It is truly an honor for Erick’s Hope to sponsor clean water through a non-profit Christian organization, The Water Project.

Do you believe everyone deserves clean drinking water? We do too! We believe together we can make a greater impact! With your donations in 2012, we are extremely excited to announce Erick’s Hope has funded a “Spring Catchment” (protection) to bring clean, safe drinking water to approximately 2,200 people. Kolongolo sping is located in Manyoa village, Bungoma county, outside of Kenya, Africa.

KolongoKenya 1 EH CatchmanErick's Hope Kenyalo Spring Catchment Project in 2012;

“When water comes…everything changes.” That’s what our driver, from the water project, told us as they drove from town to town in Kenya. “And we see the change every time a new water project brings clean water.”  To learn more about this project go to:

EH Sierra Leone 7-13 VWell Restoration Project in 2013;

In 2013, your donations allowed us to sponsor a “Well Restoration” in Lungi, New York, Sierra Leone, Africa.  The old source is an open well, and the well is so deep it is strainful for the smaller ones, so sometimes they went to the stream to get water quickly. The hand pump makes it easy for everyone to get their water, and it keeps them away from the stream, It makes life better in the community. With a new pump install, and cement work completed, 180 resident now have clean, safe drinking EH Sierra Leone 7-13 IIwater. To learn more about this project go to:


In 2014, your support helped Erick’s Hope sponsor an entire “Well” for approximately 225 people in a village in Kinyara West, Uganda, Africa.




We could never accomplish these gifts of kindness without your partnership.  May we continue to give the gift of safe, clean water! Together we can make a greater impact!!





In 2015 Elukho Primary School received “Ecosan-latrines” Where we brought clean water for sanitation. To read more about the Ecosan-latrines go to our designated page.


Ecosan-Latrines; where the waste is recycled


A catchment to collect rainwater so children from the school may wash hands to practice good hygiene.








In 2015/2016 a community in Twone Mbee Muselele ll, Kenya, Africa, is celebrating the completion of a sponsored  well built within a sand dam area.  Sand dams are meant to create access and availability to water throughout the year where a dried up river source no longer provides the water needed to sustain the village and/or community. Without the sand dam crops are unable to produce which carries the trickle down affect  to reduce household income. The villager’s time is spent retrieving water. Now communities have clean drinking water that they can drink and excess water may be used for farming. Once a sand dam is built properly it will serve the community for approximately 100 years.

Kenya-151-Sand dam well 2015

A completed “Sand Dam Well” 2015/2016

Kenya4379-10 Sand dam well

A “Well” built in a sand dam area 2015/2016



One thought on “Clean Water Project

  1. Charles Brawnyson January 29, 2013 at 12:22 am Reply

    This is such an awesome clean water project. Keep up the good work!

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