Mission Statement:

Erick’s Hope exists to serve children in need of love and security by providing spiritual, emotional, physical and educational support through a variety of programs and   services.

Our Vision: 

To make a greater impact in our community by serving children in need of love and security.

Our Goals and Values:

To communicate information to all communities the urgency in providing for our children.

To grow and strengthen our caring for children in communities so others will be compelled to follow suit.

To build the expanding base of committed contributors who will provide the funds we need to achieve our goals and vision.

To inspire, support and be good stewards of the time and talents of the growing number of volunteers dedicated to our vision.

To be respectful of the time and talents we are offered  and good stewards of the resources we are given.

ERICK’s HOPE VERSE: Proverbs 20:11 – Even a child is known by his actions, whether his conduct is pure and right.


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