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History:Our House 2018

Our House is located on a140-acre farm in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Since opening its doors in 1993, over 382 youths have graduated, and most are living and working in their communities as independent and successful adults.  This 22-year-old program has expanded steadily from a seed grown by one man to its current award-winning program which has gained national attention.

Founder, Richard “Benny” Bienvenue has over 44 years’ experience as an educator and counselor.  His devotion for teaching youth was so intense that he decided to resign his position as special education teacher in the public school system, in order to concentrate on those vulnerable and most at-risk boys whom he feared were on their way to spending their lives behind bars.  Mr. Benny had one single idea that gave birth to the Our House program:  he needed to extricate these troubled youths from their toxic environment and afford them the opportunity to live, learn, and mature in a calm and supportive environment.


The mission of Our House is to provide the opportunity for at-risk adolescents to become happy, healthy, and productive. The Our House Program is more than just a job skills training program. It includes development of the entire individual, providing the trainees with a full set of skills for success.

Our House Farming 2018

On The Job Training:

During the past 13 years in Brookeville, Our House has increased its offerings pragmatically. Our trainees are engaged in state-of-the-art certified organic gardening, engine repair, and beekeeping, all various components of carpentry, computer skills, personal skills, and GED training, as well as weekly community service projects. While the landscape of Our House continually changes, the foundation remains the same: to offer the trainees an opportunity to learn, grow, and reach their full potential in a stable and safe environment.


It is our desire to partner with Our-House.org and provide a phone/security system to meet the need of getting rid of an 18 yr. outdated, no longer maintained by the company, system.  It is most important to have a reliable source of communication.  May you join with us to make a great impact!!



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